On Women’s Day, Zyoin Launches A Part Time Recruitment Partner Program

Published: Fri Mar 09 2018

Zyoin, a leading recruitment and staffing agency, is launching a Part Time Recruitment Partner Program on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Zyoin is a market leader in Social Media Recruitment & contract staffing and has emerged as a preferred hiring partner for several Fortune 500 Product companies & ventured funded Startups.

The program, that will be in effect from 8th March 2018, will encourage entrepreneurial pursuits amongst women and help them back to work.

According to Anuj Agrawal, Managing Director – Zyoin, this program will create opportunities for women who want to rejoin the workforce after a career break. This will not just be an opportunity for this section of women but also for those individuals who cannot continue their full-time jobs because of personal commitments.

In this Part Time Recruitment Partner Program, Zyoin will be providing the Partners, necessary infrastructure along with mentorship and guidance to help them understand and grow into the recruitment role. They would be benefited out of the program not just by restarting their career but would also be able to earn a handsome commission and become independent.
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Contact Email: jobs@zyoin.com

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