Feed Phytogenics market (Phytogenic Feed Additives market) size to exceed USD 740 million by 2022

Published: Fri Mar 09 2018

Restrictive antibiotics use in livestock diet by the European Union and the U.S. is likely to favor feed phytogenics demand. EU banned antibiotics use as growth promoter in livestock food in 2006 and FDA has passed regulation to completely stop its usage starting from 1st January, 2017.

Lack in product efficacy due to complex nature along with unpleasant odor or taste of certain compounds may challenge feed phytogenics demand as NGPs. Also, their concentration in livestock food additive can vary owing to volatile nature of essential oils. This problem can be overcome with use of microencapsulation technology, resulting in low dosage and increased profitability.

Animal feed industry growth owing to increase in per capita meat consumption together with rising expenses for breed management is forecast to drive the NCPs market over the next few years. Rising fortification of phytogenics in bovine feed to add flavor and to stimulate high feed intake for growth and reproduction is also expected to further the market growth.

Essential oils is a major segment of this market. Growing demand for essential oils that play important role in improving animal performance is forecast to favor the market growth. Moreover, increasing R&D expenses in application of these products is expected to have positive impacts over the predicted time frame. Swine applications are also projected to witness moderate gain during the estimated period.
Key regions covered:

The report estimates the market of growth promoters in key markets of Europe, and Asia pacific region. Asia pacific region is expected to continue its dominance for meat consumption in the market. Europe phytogenics market is likely to grow at a moderate rate over the next few years.

Key players in the market:
The report discusses the following key market players, their profiles and key strategies. Some of the key companies included in report are:
• Bioamin
• Delacon Biotechnik,
• Pancosma SA
• Nutricare Lifesciences
• Silvestris
• Nor-Feed Sud
• TrueVet
Key Topics Covered in the report:
• Market Definition for Feed Phytogenics along with restraints, drivers of the market
• Analysis with competitive landscape and assessments on a regional scale
• Recognition of factors influencing the market scenarios and key market players,company profiles and strategic activities.
• Insights on prospective opportunities and challenge
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