Dr. Dave Campbell authors The Teen Formula to guide parents on exactly what they have to do to keep their young children from substance abuse—a guide that shows results in 30 days.

[ClickPress, Sun Mar 11 2018] Substance abuse in teenagers is on the rise at an alarming rate in the US. There has been a lot of talk about the worsening situation but the solutions to the problem have been missing.

The Teen Formula, written by Dr. Dave Campbell, has come out at the right time as a solution to the problem and guidance for the parents. It is a step by step guide on what the parents have to do to lay down the groundwork for a system in the family that keeps their children from abusing any kind of substance.

“It’s easy to be misguided in our approach to managing the substance use and addiction problem. The best way that I find for helping my patients, and family members, and friends, in knowing what to do is to encourage them to gather information. Knowledge is power as you are trying to guide your children from their young ages up to their tumultuous teen years. . . “Dr. Dave Campbell.

One can realize that Dr. Campbell is pointing out a huge problem that exists in the system. It’s the parents who can best help their children keep away from drug abuse. But what if the parents don’t know what to do themselves?

That’s exactly the problem that Dr. Campbell solves with his The Teen Formula. Two of the things that give the utmost weight and credibility to his book is; the fact that his methods are proven and; that with these methods, parents will infuse self-accountability in their children so they can stay strong even when their parents are not around.

About Dr. Dave Campbell

After devoting 25 precious years of his life providing complex spine surgeries to his patients, Dr. Campbell, an orthopaedic spinal surgeon, has had the experience of dealing with the pain of losing his beloved brother to addiction. He is a father of six children and it has always pained him to see parents lose their kids to addiction. He recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where he talked about substance abuse in the US and its effects on teenagers and their families.

About The Teen Formula

Dr. Dave Campbell wrote The Teen Formula to strengthen the weakest link in the modern US society where substance abuse is common and takes away tens of thousands of lives every year. In its strictest sense, it is not a book, but a guide to help parents know what they have to do keep their children away from experimenting opioids. The Teen Formula provides clinically proven techniques to help parents mentally strengthen their kids to avoid substance abuse not only in their presence and absence as well. Parents who have read the guide have hugely appreciated Dr. Campbell’s effort and many have agreed that they saw results within 30 days of implementing the strategies in the book.

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