Crescent Donation Coin (CDC):

Published: Wed Mar 14 2018

News about the 4th revolution is striking all over the world. Cryptocurrency which is considered the new type of digital currency using the block chain technology is now leading the 4threvolution attracting people’s attention. Recently in Singapore a company is ready for ICO in the coming month with their in house hybrid cryptocurrency coin, digital currency coin called Crescent Donation Coin.

Crescent Donation Coin PTE. LTD. which is a company located in Singapore is preparing ICO with their coin Crescent Donation Coin. Forming a mutual agreement with Braincore, an IT solution company in Korea that specializes in transportation card, the Crescent Donation Coin will be mounted in a regular bank card which can then be used off line as well.

CDC, which can be used simultaneously with the card, can be applied directly to the real economy. That is, if CDC is installed on a financial card, it is possible to cash and settle the card in real time on / off line. The convenience of the user is secured by applying the function that the user can automatically donate a part of the fee generated when making a payment using the card.

Meanwhile, CDC is accelerating business activation by signing business agreements with China’s Okomart to start full-scale overseas business. Last month, they signed an agreement with the World Art Bank of Korea’s Art Registration Association as well. This means CDS have gained reliability and convertibility at the same time.

There are indeed some concern about the recent overheats of cryptocurrency investment. This is Crescent Donation Coin quote "We are confident that CDC, in preparation for the proliferation of a transparent donation culture and a more convenient donation environment, we promise to give new hope to the world’s entire underprivileged and underserved environment.

In the months ahead of launch, various social networking sites operated by CDC are preparing various promotions. Are you ready for the 4th wave digital currency revolution? If so, make sure to find out more about CDC now by visiting:

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