Purk Project Announces Launch Date for New Cryptocurrency and API Platform for Tipping and Donations

Published: Wed Mar 14 2018

The Purk Project has announced the launch date of the Cryptocurrency (PURK) and its API platform that allows website owners to monetise their content, products or services using a simple HTML snippet on their website. The Cryptocurrency is expected to go live in early April, whilst the API platform will go live on April 11th 2018, with initially only a small number of website owners having access to the API. Purk also announced that the virtual currency will be mineable with a regular PC’s CPU power, without requiring any advanced hardware or difficult software configuration.

"Mining with run-of-the-mill PCs will let the average computer user gain access to Purk. This will encourage early adoption of the currency and monetisation platform, as well as attracting new users who wouldn’t normally have access, either through lack of knowledge, buying power or hardware," said Ionic Tong, lead developer at Purk.

Consumers don’t like and don’t trust digital advertising

Whilst there are certain features consumers like about digital media, including live streaming, interactive or personalised experiences, consumers are becoming consistently unhappy with digital advertising; most complain of too many adverts, ads being too intrusive and, in places, just downright creepy...

In a recent survey conducted by Choozle (a multi-national advertising company with its HQ in Denver), out of the initial 688 survey participants, 43% were disqualified because they used ad blockers, 20% of the survey participants were neutral about seeing ads, and only 7 percent viewed online ads positively. However, more than 30 percent disliked online ads.

These statistics pose a huge problem for the online advertising industry with a clear need for improvement or change. The Purk Button API strives to address these issues, and allows consumers to reward website owners for high quality content without the need for in-page intrusive adverts. Not only does this give content providers an incentive to create interesting and informative content for their users, it also helps to improve the entire internet ecosystem by slowly ridding the search results of thin pages and unhelpful, low quality content.

What does the future hold for Purk?

As well as offering a complete monetisation solution for online businesses, Purk’s API collects data that will help the company develop other advanced blockchain based applications.

A universal Purk payment plugin for a number of popular commerce platforms is in the early planning stages; a funding forum for future development projects and an IOS and Android wallet are just a few items that are on the roadmap, and will be completed by the end of 2019. You can sign up for updates and get further information at https://purkproject.com

Founded in October 2017, The Purk Project and Purk Cryptocurrency (Ticker code "PURK") is a virtual currency and API platform that allows users to monetise website content, products and services in the form of donations, gratuities or tips. The company is made up of a small but skilled team of software developers, web developers and marketers from all over the world.
Contact Name: Shelley Bassett
Contact Email: press@purkproject.com

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