SMC Networks Delivers Modern Sophisticated Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

Published: Wed Mar 14 2018

SMC Networks, Inc., a manufacturer of megapixel IP-cameras and cloud-based video surveillance storage solutions, has released the newest version of its wireless home security camera along with a new and improved version of the Secure Watch smartphone app. Secure Watch mobile app -for both iPhone™ and Android™- provides an extremely easy to set up and use smartphone experience.

The updated SMC2030W-H Wi-Fi security camera is elegantly suited for home or small office use needing live-view monitoring, a large viewing angle lens, two-way audio for communicating through the camera, and integration of cloud-based video storage.

New version 2.0 of the Secure Watch mobile app delivers 2-megapixel high-def viewing of live video feeds, easy to clip and download recorded video of interest, and simple management of multiple SMC2030W-H cameras in one account. Receive timely notifications when motion or sound triggers an alert on your smartphone app, which displays the recorded video of the activity happening on your camera.

Rest assured that whether you are watching the pets while you are away from the house, the baby while she sleeps, or the office while you are on vacation on the other side of the world, the SMC Networks' Wi-Fi security camera provides the peace of mind you need for your family or business.

"We have significantly improved the ease-of-use and camera interaction with this latest version of our Secure Watch mobile app," stated Alex Kim, CEO, SMC Networks. "Users will have quick access to the live video streams of their cameras that are keeping an eye on what matters most to them."

Along with the current SMC2010P-D dome and SMC2010P-B bullet megapixel IP-cameras, the SMC2030W-H Wi-Fi home security camera has available monthly cloud-based storage plans ranging from $4.99 for 5-days of video retention, $8.99 for 10-days of retention, and $23.99 for 30-days of retention.

Customer Arlin Taylor of San Diego, CA, shared with us, "the camera provides a sleek modern look that allows for it to be positioned in plain sight in any room and not create an eye sore as décor."

User Rocco Stefano of Spokane, WA, stated, "It's a beautiful camera. Really surprised by how much of the room it captures. I think the overall look of it is nice and it will blend in well wherever it's placed in the house."

Price and Availability
The SMC2030W-H is available now with a MSRP of $119.99 from physical security dealers and online retailers such as Video storage plans are easy to purchase through the Secure Watch mobile App starting at $4.99 per month.

About SMC Networks, Inc.
SMC Networks, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, IP video surveillance systems, and IP networking products for commercial and residential markets. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Accton Corporation, SMC Networks provides secure and intelligent hybrid cloud solutions to capture, store, and manage video and data that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, to create a smart and safe environment for the world. Visit for more information.

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