Stress Relief Through Combat Dancing Fitness training

Published: Thu Mar 15 2018

Only exercises that engage both your body and mind fully will give you the full benefits of the time you are using. Especially, as you come to be older, the need for an activity that works your body as your mind, both requiring focus and learning is what is needed to maintain your full fitness not just the physical.

A recent study looking at such came to a conclusion which showed that although Group Training was very motivational and helped with the social aspect of life, only exercise that put an edge to your activity fulfilled all the human needs for most everyone. These activities include such as Rock Climbing, competitive teams sports as martial art sparring workouts.

Most everyone that means that we are not all equal. Rock Climbing is best for those who prefer their own company doing such. the activity of climbing and hanging on for dear life focuses your mind well, both to find the next best hold as not to fall.

Team Sports, competitive team sports do the same. You have the workout, you have the challenge of winning and you need to use your mind against the opposition.

Martial Arts are the classic way of doing the same if you are into one-on-one. Especially if you have a style of martial art that prepares you well with Yoga Stretching, Support, technical development. You would also like a sport that does not just use one part of your body, say like just arms or just legs as also not a sport that only allows one opponent as grappling and wrestling. As an mature person, also avoid the bouncy type of actively as this will eventually work against you.

As a bonus with Martial art Training you learn to defend yourself. You gain the confidence to know that you will apply the force that is needed to achieve a result with which you can live. In this too, avoid Neanderthal Martial Arts that teach you to smash into faces and noses, break legs or the like. Anyone you hurt unnecessarily will remain with you the rest of your life, in your mind and if you hurt them badly, in your spirit.

So, how to find the right martial art for yourself? I found mind after trying many but this too is not for everyone. So, a good question that i will answer in another posting.

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