Published: Sun Mar 18 2018

One person’s crazy is another person’s reality, with so much in this world being left to interpretation, is killing really wrong? Are serial killers really insane? Anyway, who are you to judge?

19-year-old student, Hollie Thubron, launches her debut novel INSANE. A psychological thriller addressing the different perceptions of morality within the realm of serial killers. Avery Blake is a serial killer. She kills because she enjoys it. But how long can she go on like this, before someone catches on?

Hollie says, "with there being no universal definition of morality, insanity is contagious".
Every year, the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation reviews hundreds of enquiries – trying to help the innocent get out of prison. 50p of every book sold is being donated to MOJO, because the innocent is a victim too.

The author is a Philosophy student as well as a singer-songwriter. Her fascination for serial killers sparking alongside her growing knowledge of morality. Having written this novel for her Extended Project Qualification in Sixth Form, she is now spreading her message to the world.
INSANE will be available on Amazon from March 23rd 2018. For more information, visit www.insanenovel.co.uk


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Contact Name: Hollie Thubron
Contact Email: contact@insanenovel.co.uk

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