New Online Forums Platform Starts Providing Private Community Services

Published: Mon Mar 19 2018

A new platform for creating private community forums has been released under the name ArmorForums. It provides services for online discussion boards with a free and premium pricing plans.

As you probably know the Web is a vast space and a lot of niches are filled with all kinds of similar websites and competitors. This case is no exception. The platform ArmorForums is not something new and extraordinary. Many other websites provide online forum services for free. What makes this application different is that the forum you create is private. This means that not registered users can not read the posts inside it and it can be a closed community group. And the ArmorForums software provides different settings for the joining of new members. You can configure the registration to specific people, approve new members, invite users by email and other specifications.

When it comes to content, the forum has a nice structure for posting. The main way to separate content is with categories. They are at the top of the content "pyramid". In each category you can have many boards. They are essentially the "container" for posting threads (topics) which is the main content of any forum. In every thread users can reply and discuss the current topic. This forum structure provides a lot of flexibility and separation for different related content.

The free version of this platform is also different from other competitors by the limitations. Many forum websites allow a certain amount of users, visits, replies, staff, etc. As you can imagine this may awfully reduce your and your users ability to use the forum. ArmorForums only limits the number of categories and boards of their free forum website. You can create 4 categories and 8 boards, but you're not limited in any way with the number of users or content. Have as many members as you like and they can create as many threads and replies as they want.

The premium version is priced at 4.95 per month. It removes the categories limitation and the ads placed for free forums. You can subscribe with your banking card or PayPal account which will be automatically billed every month. At any given time you will be able to cancel your subscription (billing cycle) and prevent any further charges.

So this is ArmorForums - the new kid on the block in the online community forum services. Modern technology software, clean professional design and incredibly easy registration may be the traits to attract you into using this new platform. The free version of the website is also something to not underestimate when considering a service to create your own forum.
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