Unlocking a New Era in Understanding Online Cancer Patient Information

Published: Mon Mar 19 2018

Scry Analytics (www.scryanalytics.com), which provides Artificial Intelligence based products, solutions and services, recently launched its analytics platform, VoCP -www.voiceofcancerpatients.com, for cancer patients, care-givers and health-care professionals. VoCP gathers millions of patient conversations that are freely shared over the world wide web, and it analyzes them to extract meaningful information. It uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques and aims to empower cancer patients, care givers, and the healthcare community by providing actionable insights from real life experiences. Till date, VoCP has collected and analyzed more than 15.51 million conversations from 46 unrestricted forums and social sites.

"Through VoCP, our aim is to empower patients and the healthcare community with intelligence that can help them make more informed and meaningful decisions," said Dr. Alok Aggarwal, CEO and founder of Scry Analytics. "This platform connects the dots in patient conversations and establishes relationships among cancer drugs and their side-effects as well as supportive care so that patients and care givers can learn from others who have had similar experiences."

With the increasing reliance of patients on online information about their diagnoses and treatments, it has become imperative for healthcare professionals to get insights into what patients are feeling and how they are reacting to various treatments and drugs. "Through VoCP, doctors can learn about patients’ views regarding the intensity of adverse events and side effects related to drugs, regimens and other treatments. This could help them in potentially improving the quality of life for their patients and reducing the number of patients abandoning their treatments," said Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal, Hematologist and Oncologist and Chief Medical Information Officer at Scry Analytics. "For example, using VoCP, an analysis of 7,027 patient conversations regarding Xeloda revealed that 172 conversations were in association with angina attacks. Angina is a severe chest pain and a symptom of coronary artery disease, and it is a less known side effect of the drug. Another analysis of 6,377 conversations among breast cancer patients regarding fertility maintenance showed that 116 patients stopped Tamoxifen (chemotherapy drug) early to explore pregnancy options."

"VoCP is a big step towards understanding online patient discussions and information. It is a unique blend of advanced AI techniques that is complemented with focused subject matter expertise. It brings the entire landscape of untapped social healthcare data to the fingertips of patients, care givers and healthcare professionals," Dr. Alok Aggarwal added.

About Scry Analytics:

Scry Analytics (www.scryanalytics.com) is an advanced analytics organization based in San Jose, California, and Delhi-Gurgaon, India. VoCP and the underlying Artificial-Intelligence-based engine are managed by Scry Analytics, which uses its AI-based proprietary algorithms to build predictive and prescriptive products and decision support systems that complement subject matter expertise.


For more information, contact: Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal, Oncologist-Hematologist;Sangeeta.aggarwal@scryanalytics.com

Contact Name: Sangeeta Aggarwal
Contact Email: sangeeta.aggarwal@scryanalytics.com

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