Making Culture Cool Again: The Khariboli Masher Food and Music Festival is on 22 April

Published: Mon Mar 19 2018

Khariboli Masher is officially taking place on 22nd April, 2018 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium [JLN Stadium]. It’s a festival to fuse culinary arts and music and is designed to celebrate the Indian heritage in its fabulously diverse avatars and forms. The festival promises food from every part of India blended with performances from top artists and live bands. The Khariboli Masher festival features exciting Watermelon Slides, Tomato Fights, Open Mic Sessions with Hasya Kavis and Mother-in-law's Revenge [a competitive grub fest].

"We want feelings, perceptions and emotions to explode. Food, music, culture and happiness are intricately tied. We want our guests to experience not just Indian heritage but it’s fusion with world cultures and their heritage," says Deepak Jha, Marketing Head at Khariboli Masher.

"Khariboli Masher is a dias for both food and music lovers; we have designed it do exactly that," adds Anchit Pandey, Creative Manager at Growthjack Events.

"At Khariboli festival, we’re looking for ways to excite and engage our customers. It’s all about creating real-time experiences that are fun and engaging," says one of the brand sponsors for the event.

Khariboli Masher brings together a concert with both traditional Indian music and artists from western rock, hip-hop and other genres together.

Key Highlights:

• Performance by major artists and live bands
• Open Mic Stand and Hasya Kavi
• Featured Watermelon Slides and Tomato Fights
• Magic Shows
• Eating Competition
• And Many More Engagements

Khariboli Masher Festival on 22nd April may turn out to be a surprising Mix of Indian Heritage, Food, Music and Performing Arts where the Masher will host an Open Air Culinary Festival and Live Music Leads including popular musicians.

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