‘Magician for Adults’ Michel Danan Now Offers Product Promotions Services for Corporate Clients

Published: Tue Mar 20 2018

Michel Danan, a magician for adults from Tel Aviv, Israel, recently announced that he has started performing for private companies who wish to promote their products and services. Michel believes that his magic shows, which are meant for skeptic adult spectators as well as minor spectators, would cast a ‘magic spell’ on the potential consumers of any brand. The Morocco-born magician, who was raised in France and South Africa, speaks three languages fluently. Michel Danan, a magician for adults, himself recently called a press conference in Tel Aviv to announce that he has developed the ability to enthrall even the most skeptic adult spectators.

"Close-up and telepathy magic are two of the best tricks up my sleeve. I mix my sharp intuition, my memory power, and my ability to read body languages with the magic tricks which I have learnt for years and add a pinch of humor to make every trick more presentable and enjoyable for my spectators. As a result, I have gathered rave reviews over the years. As a magician for adults in Israel and abroad, I have recently started offering product and service promotions services. My job as a professional illusionist is to captivate my spectators with my magic skills. Besides, I will also demonstrate the benefits of the products and services offered by the client organization. This is a smart and innovative way of promoting products and services", said the magician at a press conference.

Michel’s manager also told the press that he also performs magic tricks in other sorts of social events, such as birthday parties, while maintaining that Michel Danan is primarily a magician for adults in Tel Aviv.

"Mr. Danan is a seasoned performer and an ace magician who has been showing his magic tricks for the past 20 years or so. As he uses mostly close-up and telepathy, even the adults cannot decode his magic trick. His thoroughly entertaining magic shows have already been arranged by a number of companies and large corporations in Tel Aviv and we hope that Mr. Danan would get the opportunity to perform more in the near future", said his manager.

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