Smart India Hackathon is an event where twelve students of Narasaraopeta Engineering college have been selected. Out of 20,000 groups only 1400 groups get in to the final rounds.

[ClickPress, Thu Mar 22 2018] Excellence strives not just from bookish knowledge but from practical experiences. Narasaraopeta Engineering College, located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, is not oblivious to the stated fact. The college has inspired their students to think out of the box and implement their inner knowledge in the outside world. Twelve talented students have been shortlisted from the college to participate in the popular event of Smart India Hackathon 2018.

These 12 selected individuals have fought their way from a set of 20,000 groups who participated in the event out of which only 1400 groups made it to the final rounds. Before we jump further, this event is the perfect platform which brings together some of the bright minds around the country and several governments and private officials to discuss and culminate solutions to the futuristic concerns that the nation is struggling with.

These bright candidates have been divided into two separate groups, each group comprising of six members each. The first batch of candidates includes of six candidates namely K Chandrashekhar, S K Mohammad, P Srujana, T Shweta, K Kavyasri, and K R Pawan Kumar. They are going to be part of the 36 Hour Smart India Hackathon-2018 that will be held in Nagpur, Maharashtra from March 30, 2018, to March 31, 2018. The group, which has been titled as “Tech Champs” are going to be focusing on coming up with solutions concerning the technological barriers that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways are facing. Their topic of interest is about coming up with ways to locate nearby civic amenities along the national highways across India.

The second batch of candidates includes six students from the college namely C H Sai, M V S Madhavi Latha, K Kusuma Bhavya, M Bharathi, A Raviteja, and G Lakshmi Priyanka whose group name is “Space Solutions.” Their challenge will concern two distinct departments, the Department of Space and the Indian Space Research Organisation in which their topic is focused on “Location-based surveillance offline-routing mobile application.”

Apart from this external event that is set to be hosted in March, the college itself is going to host the International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, Communication and Engineering (ICMCCCE) 2018 on 22nd and 23rd of June 2018. The event is going to be sponsored by Labtech Innovations TM.
All in all, these two simultaneous events are set to bring Narasaraopeta Engineering College into prominence. With the wheel of fortune in the hands of some of the brightest minds of the college, this event just might bring back some prestigious awards and glory in the name of the college.

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