Carol Drives Commits to Female Safety and Empowerment

Published: Fri Mar 23 2018

Carol Drives is the brainchild of Rafael Vecino and Daniel Jimenez, mobile development and internet marketing services professionals. This new company connects women drivers with women riders via a ridesharing app. The goal is to combat male assaults on women in the ride-hailing industry. Carol Drives is now operating in Miami, Florida. Mr. Vecino and Jimenez plans to expand this essential service to new U.S. cities as the company grows, before ultimately going global. Right now, Miami women can turn to the Carol Drives app for a female driver nearby to take her where she needs to go without fear of unwelcome advances or assault.

Mr. Vecino and Mr. Jimenez explains that the catalyst for Carol Drives was a horrifying story he read in a local newspaper while living in New York. The article described the sexual assault of a female passenger by a male ridesharing app driver. Says Mr. Vecino, "I was horrified that such an attack could easily happen to my own mother or girlfriend. I realized that much of the problem stemmed from the lack of female drivers on Uber-type services and taxis. I decided to launch a women-only ride sharing app to help solve that problem and minimize those types of assaults on our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends."

A cursory Google news search reveals alarming stories about assaults on women by rideshare drivers. A Riverside,California rideshare passenger alleged a sexual assault by her driver in May. In June, an ex-Uber driver was arrested in connection with a Florida woman's murder. A Seattle rape in August by a rideshare driver made national news. These stories are becoming alarmingly prevalent, revealing a clear need for a safer alternative. That's the role of Carol Drives.

Download the app now in the Apple Store to start your safe journey via Carol Drives.

About Carol Drives

Carol Drives is a Ridesharing App that caters exclusively to woman – in both driver opportunities and as ride options for passengers. Our app is designed to support safety and security for women as they travel from place to place for leisure, business, pleasure and necessity.

Download our app for iPhone (Android Coming Soon) to request affordable and safe transport within minutes. Simply tap a button, and a Carol Drives female driver will arrive to take you to your destination. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges the credit card you submitted when you created your profile. Carol Drives -- the simple, safe, secure ride-hailing solution for women!
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