Staffing Firms Embrace Artificial Intelligence/ AI: The Future of Staffing Industry

Published: Wed Mar 28 2018

Meeting the current propensity towards AI, all the fields are constantly revamping their resources and procedures in accordance with this latest technology. AI is most leveraging for acquiring ease in the regular tasks, manually performed activities and getting rid of redundancy.

Artificial Intelligence, the next big thing has affected the staffing industry too and IMS People has shown remarkable enthusiasm in embracing it to augment their productivity.

IMS People have shunned the myth that automation is the core reason for the increasing fear of job losses. Instead, they have given potential areas where AI has uplifted the staffing industry.
As IMS People states, AI makes the life of a recruiter a lot easier as compared to their current situation. The task list of a recruiter or a staffing firm includes so many humdrum and redundant tasks. AI can bring automation to speed up the recruitment process and automate the administrative tasks giving recruiters quality time for the roles that require the human touch.
The areas that can get benefit from AI in the staffing industry enlisted by IMS People are explained in the subsequent section.

Adding quality to candidate communication

AI has its base in the algorithms, so eventually, intelligent algorithms make the process of candidate communication better and retain them. IMS People have put forward a way to use AI at its best as a part of candidate engagement. This bags the ways in which candidates are approached, the proper time to approach them, their areas of interest and lastly technique used to approach them.
Making entire recruitment process unbiased

This is a very important aspect covered by IMS People and human nature being prone to biasing on certain parameters undoubtedly requires an unbiased mechanism for the recruitment process. These parameters may be gender, race, disability or any random thing that can hinder a candidate’s chance to secure a potentially deserving job.

AI being run by intelligent and smart algorithms will not leave any room for bias towards any candidate or specific parameter. As studied by IMS People, AI plays on the parameters such as behavioral patterns, neurological science, selection of the options, etc. The bottom line is AI goes through data and produces results only depending on the algorithms fed, leading to unbiased selection.
Add automation to eliminate task redundancy

Task redundancy is followed by a great chance of errors. To avoid errors, improve accuracy, increase the speed of boring tasks, efficiently perform repetitive tasks and maintain certain uniformity in tasks, IMS People suggests the use of Robotic Process Automation.
As IMS People have stated, RPA basically uses a list of pre-defined actions, to eliminate clerical work and make the entire process in such a manner that the candidates feel that a positive relationship exists with the recruiter.

Scaling up for the recruitment process
The entire recruitment process can be given a revamp by assisting each step of the process with AI and maintaining a human touch as well. IMS People suggests the use of AI Smart Visual Assistants to engage the candidates and ace this competitive recruiter world where each recruiter is trying to bag the best candidates. Automated chat-bots are responsible for replying to the queries of the candidates instantly making sure that there is a positive impact on them.
Big data analysis

Big data is the best source of information as it can predict a candidate’s action based on their history of employment or qualities enlisted in the resume. Big data analysis by human and that by AI automated algorithms depict a vast difference in terms of accuracy and effectiveness. Thus, IMS People suggests using AI for big data analysis to study the pattern of candidate behavior that can be an added benefit for a recruiter to take any actions.
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