Taxis with drivers, exclusive for women, cause a sensation in Miami

Published: Tue Apr 03 2018

The initiative, which emerged to prevent sexual harassment of them, obtained more than 200 job applications at the opening.

"It has economic benefits for women, who can work more hours, who currently can not because of that fear of working at night," said the co-founder of the initiative, Carol Drives.

A worker who completes a week on the platform ensures that passengers "pay 5% more than other applications and, of course, you can see the difference".

The operating platform is similar to that of other transport services, but includes a thorough background check as well as the vehicle.

At the moment this service is only in Miami. However, it is expected that it will soon be available in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Carol Drives is a Ridesharing App that caters exclusively to woman – in both driver opportunities and as ride options for passengers. Our app is designed to support safety and security for women as they travel from place to place for leisure, business, pleasure and necessity.

Download our app for iPhone (Android Coming Soon) to request affordable and safe transport within minutes. Simply tap a button, and a Carol Drives female driver will arrive to take you to your destination. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges the credit card you submitted when you created your profile. Carol Drives -- the simple, safe, secure ride-hailing solution for women!

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