BLACK KASINO, new rap artist launches his crowdfunding campaign for marketing promotion!

Published: Wed Apr 04 2018

BLACK KASINO is a young rapper from New York City. His rap style is talking about what young people live. All of them, young rapper try to make a living with their mixtapes. BLACK KASINO says he raps by mixing Stack Bundles style and NOTORIOUS B.I.G. style.

"I deliver my words based on what I see, what I've seen and what I've been through. I want to be the voice of the untold, forgotten ones, those suffering in silence. Their lives and destiny deserve to be told", he said.

Having written many songs, BLACK KASINO wants to focus on 3 titles he wishes to promote:

- Yea yea yea track : a song for the everyday hustler who fights to reach their goals

- Rick flair : a turn up track to make his audience want to have a good time

- Brooklyn is a song that he wrote to let people know where he comes from so it’s more of "REPRESENT YOUR CITY" song, according to his words.

BLACK KASINO launched a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding site "DALENDO" (, which targets the project owners who really want to live off their passion, no matter the nature of their project.

The young rapper hopes to raise about $3,000. Funds will be used for marketing and promotion: visual design, some professional mastering of titles will be necessary. He will also use the funds for spending on social medias and getting support from targeted radios.

BLACK KASINO was born and raised in Bedstuy BROOKLYN, NEW YORK . He is a Hip Hop artist who loves music.

He has been rapping since he was a kid. Now as a grown man and a father of one, he says he is ready to take it serious and get himself into the industry.

Dalendo is the Crowdfunding platform that aims at offering any project holder, independently from where they are located, the opportunity to realize the project of their dreams by attracting enthusiastic supporters.
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