How do Britons Really Feel about the Gender Pay Gap?

Published: Wed Apr 04 2018

Through a 7 question - online smart survey, respondents were asked for their thoughts on the gender pay gap. The survey was carried out between 25/03/2018 and 02/03/2018 and received a response from 136 individuals, of which 90 identified as female and 46 identified as male. Respondents have been further segmented by employment status and age.
Question 1:
The "Gender-pay-gap" is proof that women are disadvantaged due to their gender alone
• In total only 45.59% said they agreed with this.
• Broken down; 57.78% of women agreed with the statement v only 21.74% men.

Question 2:
The "Gender Pay Gap" is a fair result of women choosing lower level positions, part time work and motherhood over career advancement
• 63.04% of males agreed with this statement, v 21.11% of females

Question 3:
Women generally wish to work less hard than men and often choose lower paid professions
• 18.18% of company owners/directors agreed with this, v 15.79% of non-owners/directors
• 5.56% of women agreed with this, v 39.96% of men

Question 4:
The government should take significant action towards closing the gender pay gap
• 71.05% of non-owners/directors agree compared to only 40.91% of company owners/directors
• There is nearly no difference per age group, with 66.67% of those under 35 agreeing, and 65.67% for those over 35.

Question 5:
Employees should not have the right to start a grievance procedure at work in regards to their pay being "unequal" as it is disruptive to the business
• 13.64% of company owners/directors agree with this statement, v 14.04% of non-owners/directors

Question 6:
Women and men are equally capable to fulfil high level managerial positions
• 96.67% of women agreed with this statement and 93.48% of men agreed.
o This means that 4.4% of all respondents disagreed and believe women are less capable than men to fulfil high level managerial positions.

Question 7:
Women and men are equally capable of making good, high impact business decisions
• Only 89.13% of men agreed with this statement, compared to 96.67% of women.
o This means 5.88% of respondents did not believe women are equally capable of making good, high impact business decisions

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There is a stark difference between the opinions of men and women in regards to the gender pay gap. We have seen a strong emotional response from both individuals on both sides of the argument, however, no matter their position; most do agree that regardless of gender, a person should be paid what they are worth.
"I am well into my career as HR Director and I can honestly say that I personally have never experienced the gender gap issues that we are hearing so much about at the moment.
However, this might be because I have chosen to spend my time working with businesses who want to treat people fairly and have asked for our help in doing so."
Wendy Choyce, FCIPD Director of Human Resources, PeoplePointHR
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