Brightz, Ltd. Introduces New Line of Bike Lights Just in Time for Summer

Published: Wed Apr 04 2018

Although early spring weather has brought more snow and cold than warmth and sunshine, it is never too soon to start thinking about summer parties and activities. To help with the planning for this year’s outdoor summer fun, Brightz, Ltd. has introduced a new line of musical bike lights called Boom Brightz.

Not to be confused with glow-in-the-dark lights that attach to the spokes of your tires, Boom Brightz are LED lights that attach to the handlebars of your bike. Once attached, bright green, red and blue LED lights shine through a special lens and create a unique light show. The fun doesn’t end there, however. With Boom Brightz, the light show dances to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Taking the party to the next level, these musical bike lights include a Bluetooth® speaker that you can sync to your smartphone or iPod. To get the party started, all you have to do is hit play and watch the red, blue and green LED’s create a spectacular light show to the beat of your music. From the hottest pop songs to the smoothest country classics and everything in between, these musical bike lights can keep up with your favorite playlist and keep the party hopping long after the sun goes down.

The funky patterns and light shows created by Boom Brightz’ colorful LEDs are a sure party pleaser. No need to worry about the party ending early, as the rechargeable USB battery can last up to three hours with the lights on and music playing at full volume. When it is time to recharge the battery for your musical bike lights, it is a snap to quickly remove and take inside for the night. Also, if you want to move your Boom Brightz from bike to bike, the quick-clamps make installation and removal a breeze – no tools required.

Brightz, Ltd. products, including Boom Brightz, are sold at a variety of local retailers, toy stores, bike shops and online at Britz Ltd. If your local store or bike dealer does not carry Brightz, Ltd. products, send the company an email with the store name, phone number and email address. Brightz, Ltd. supports local shopping and will reach out to the retailer with information on how they can carry the latest products.

Brightz, Ltd. was founded in 2008 with the release of the first Go Brightz product in 2010. What started with the imagination of 12-year-old Eric Finch and his innovative, engineer dad, Ron, has gone on to create lights in a large variety of styles and colors. In 2016, the company expanded beyond the world of bike lights and created different styles of lights that can be used in coolers, lockers, bean bag board games, basketball hoops and more. Striving to "Make the world a brighter place, one light at a time," Brightz, Ltd. aims to help kids and adults alike continue to have fun long after the sun sets.
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