Aging parents with a house full of stuff, and their children who don’t want it

Published: Wed Apr 04 2018

When elderly parents downsize or pass away their children are left with a house full of possessions they don’t know what to do with. The amount of items seniors accumulate over the years can be staggering and most families keep a hand full of heirlooms and do not know what to do with the rest of the items.

MaxSold has become a driving force in estate and downsizing industry by taking the traditional outdated estate sale process of having hundreds of people in your home and making it less intrusive by hosting the auctions online. This widens the reach of buyers and allows bidding 24 hours a day this helps us achieve a 98% sell through rate of items listed reducing the need to throw items away.
"We use technology to digitize everything which enables 24/7 bidding on estate sale goods through computers, tablets and mobile phones. As with the local estate sale companies you don't have to line up at an estate sale at 5 am and fight through a crowd like it's Black Friday!" – Sushee Purumal CEO Maxsold

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