New SaaS platform merges tech and privacy

Published: Wed Apr 04 2018

Termageddon, LLC has recently launched its software that, with a few answers to easy questions, automatically generates website and application policies such as Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers and End User License Agreements. What makes Termageddon unique is the fact that all of its policies update automatically as the law changes, without the user needing to worry about it. For example, as the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") comes into effect later this year, users will answer a couple of additional questions and the policy will update to become GDPR compliant.

Termageddonís main purpose is to provide transparent and easy to read policies and to make protecting oneself hassle-free. The brainchild of a tech guru and a tech attorney, the platform is structured in such a way as to provide the most amount of protection with the least amount of hassle. "When reviewing other policy generators, I realized they were buried by hidden charges for each part of a policy. To me, this doesnít seem fair. We are here to establish one price for protection, itís that simple. No hidden fees," states Donata Kalnenaite, Termageddonís President and Co-Founder.

The team hopes that its service will increase transparency in the industry overall. "With the recent Facebook news, it is clear that the public cares about what is being done with its personal information. Our goal is to make it easy for companies to notify their users what they are collecting and what is being done with that data, thereby increasing customer trust and helping facilitate business," states Termageddonís Vice President and Co-Founder Hans Skillrud.

Termageddon, LLC is a Software as a Service platform that automatically generates website and application policies that update as the law updates. You may learn more about Termageddon at
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