SPC Specialty Products and Frham Safety Products ink distribution deal

Published: Thu Apr 05 2018

We are extremely pleased to announce that two Nuclear Power Industry leaders have formed an alliance. SPC Specialty Products of Toledo, Ohio has teamed up with Frham Safety Products, with offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Rock Hill, South Carolina, to be their exclusive distributor for all products sold to Nuclear Power Plants nationally and throughout the world.

SPC Specialty Products began serving the Nuclear Power Industry in 1974 under the name SynTech Products Corp. The company was founded by James Rose in the basement of his house. James started his company by serving Nuclear Power plants and developing a "Nuclear Certified" line of products, fulfilling their specialized needs. He then added to the product mix solutions to control fugitive dust on unpaved roads.

The "Nuclear Certified" products remove radioactive waste from surfaces. Certified by an independent lab to meet GE Spec NEDC-31735P, appendix A, for levels of halogens, chlorides, heavy metals and organics, our products are used throughout the plants. Some applications include: cleaning and decontaminating critical areas, machine shops, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance and facilities maintenance. The main product for nuclear decontamination, Touch It Up®, is now widely known and used in Nuclear Power Plants across the United States.

In Spring of 2017 the Dust Control division of SynTech Products was sold and the second generation of the Rose family took up the helm, renaming the company SPC Specialty Products.

SPC Specialty Products is now an innovative, thriving Woman-Owned Business owned by James’ daughter, Vicki Rose. Following in the same steadfast footsteps of SynTech Products, we continue to manufacture and distribute specialty chemicals for cleaning and maintenance in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Energy, Municipalities, Institutions, Transportation, Construction and Health. We sustain our business by providing a fresh mix of products, exemplary customer service and problem solving.

SPC Specialty Products is committed to providing forward thinking, eco-friendly solutions to products we develop and bring to market. We focus on products that are safe for the worker, safe for the environment and effective to use. We have the knowledge and expertise to create and manufacture products designed specifically for the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the Nuclear Industry.

Frham Safety Products is the perfect partner to serve the Nuclear Power industry. They are leaders in their own right. Since 1983, they have served the Nuclear Power industry, extended their markets to include many of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) facilities and general industry. Frham Safety Products’ mission is to provide products that meet or exceed the specifications set by its customers and the industries it serves. Frham Safety Products remains steadfast in its unwavering commitment to improved safety, rad-waste reduction, and overall cost savings.

Now as partners in the Nuclear Power Industry and Manufacturing sectors, SPC Specialty Products and Frham Safety Products can effectively reach even more clients. Frham Safety Products stocks our "Nuclear Certified" products. They excel in serving customers with their knowledge and expertise. Together, SPC Specialty Products and Frham Safety Products are dedicated to exceeding the unique expectations and specialized needs of the Nuclear, Industrial and Manufacturing sectors. We believe it is our obligation, responsibility and privilege to secure Nuclear Power as the cleanest, safest and most economical form of power.

As Industry Leaders, SPC Specialty Products and Frham Safety Products look forward to providing quality and environmentally friendly products that improve safety and production and always meet or exceed industry specifications while providing exemplary customer service and care.

SPC Specialty Products, proudly serving Toledo, OH and beyond since 1974.
SPC Specialty Products is a Woman Owned Business specializing in the manufacture and distribution of products for the Manufacturing, Energy, Municipalities, Institutions, Transportation, Construction and Health sectors.
Contact Name: Vicki Rose
Contact Email: vicki@spcsp.com

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