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Published: Thu Apr 05 2018

The live event industry is headed towards becoming cashless. The need to improve guest experience, event management and organization sees brands turning to technology to look for a model that allows for safety and efficiency across all channels.

Blockchain seems to be the nascent technology that holds the key to achieving this. And BlocNATION (BLOC) Token is the first system in Southeast Asia’s that will lead the cashless payment community of events and venues - PouchNATION. This strategic partnership with PouchNATION will allow for much better fan experiences as the cashless event era is further driven by BlocNATION’s advanced infrastructure. The BlocNATION app features include altcoin holding, atomic & etomic swaps, acquiring of event tickets, hostel booking, cashless top up, and cash-back.

"Backed by the successful track record of PouchNATION, established in 2012, BlocNATION will shift the nature of both the guest and event organizer’s experience. PouchNATION is the leading cashless payment and brand activations solution in Southeast Asia and the premier partner of BlocNATION. As such, the BLOC token will be the utility token of PouchNATION’s community of cashless events and venues. This will further enhance the guest experience for all clients of PouchNATION as it brings the benefits of blockchain to event management from onset to completion, such as ticketing, registration, cashless payments, access control, social media engagement, brand activations, data and merchant management," says a spokesperson for BlocNATION.

From practical improvements to interactive experiences, BlocNATION is the world’s first dICO on the Komodo platform, which remakes guest experience, social media engagement, and brand activations.

BlocNATION sees blockchain technology as propelling the event management sector. Through the nascent, but powerful technology, sponsors, event organizers and guests will be able to connect and interact on a whole new level on the Blockchain. Over time, this will result in better and more outstanding experiences as well as invaluable insights and analytics.

As PouchNATION has already established itself on the Southeast Asian market, BlocNATION will benefit from this experience and continue to expand on top of an existing and successful model. The merger with blockchain technology and the introduction of the BLOC Token will become powerful tools for brands to identify and engage with their target market and improve event experiences. This will create synergy between existing business models and innovative technology with great potential.

With an overwhelming number of current and upcoming ICOs, it’s a daunting task to separate the ones that hold promise from the rest. The trick is to identify companies with great operations and spot solid teams with some kind of past track record of success. In BlocNATION’s case, all of this is present as it’s backed by the solid experience and expertise of PouchNATION – a partnership that is a win-win for everyone!

About BlocNATION:

BlocNATION makes use of blockchain technology and a part of PouchNATION. The BlocNATION app includes altcoin holding, atomic and etomic swaps, cashless payment, and more.

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