Jade Alger Collaborates Internationally On Second Album and Releases Video Filmed in Czech Republic

Published: Fri Apr 06 2018

Beginning in the 1990s with straightforward Dylanesque folk, in recent years Jade Alger’s sound has become more exploratory. On his second album, "Kinora", Alger gathers musicians from Russia, Germany, Israel, Colombia, Holland, England and the USA to add layers to his sound. Leon Lieffijn, a pianist from Holland, is featured on "The Picturedrome" and Maria Grigoryeva is a Russian violinist and composer who can be heard on "Ghost".

Alger’s music is "shaped by the eclectic influences of European classical instrumentation and American folk lyricism, where storytelling and whimsy collide" said Gerleen Dineros. The music video for "Lovers Impromptu" filmed by Michal Böhm in the Czech Republic is a testament to that same eclectic sensibility. The opening shots were filmed in the town square of Brandýs nad Labem as locals prepared for a Christmas market. Alger began gathering inspiration for both the album and song while on a trip to Slovakia and wanted the video to be set in Central Europe. "My wife is from Slovakia and I’ve spent quite a lot of time in that culture. The landscape is part of me and I wanted this album to develop during our travels", said Alger.

The full album is available for streaming and high quality download on major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Google Play.
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