Trendhim E-commerce Prize

Published: Mon Apr 09 2018

Each year Trendhim challenges some of the world's sharpest minds to think outside of the box and awards them with Ä3.000. The Developers Challenge E-commerce Prize was created as an opportunity for students to put their knowledge to work.

The company knows that in order to improve and develop their products, organization, employees and business they must involve Europe's brightest minds. The hope is that you will step up and help raise the standards.

Who can participate?
Any European student can participate, either on their own or as a group.

How do you win?
The rules are simple. You must create a product, piece of software, marketing campaign, organizational strategy, consumer analysis, theoretical opinion, or something completely different which could help improve an e-commerce store.

It doesnít have to be about Trendhim. If you have insight or experience from other websites or industries, that is acceptable. The most important thing is that your focus is how to make an online store better. Your approach can use a tried and true best practice or it can be an entirely new concept. Trendhim intends to take every idea into consideration.

What is the deadline?
The deadline is November 1, 2018. All entrants who participate must refrain from entering the competition the following year.

How does the company select the winner(s)?
Trendhim will conduct Skype interviews with each of the frontrunners to gain deeper insight into their ideas. The winner(s) will be selected in collaboration with business owners and university professors. The winner(s) will receive 3,000 euros to bring their project to life in collaboration with Trendhim.

How do you register?
Registration is easy. Send them an email to with all of the files, details, pictures, and other relevant materials related to your idea.

Itís free and non-binding to register. If you choose to opt out of the competition after registering, simply inform Trendhim via email.
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