AutoMail® PRO Gold Product Certified by the USPS®

Published: Tue Apr 10 2018

AutoMail® Pro has been awarded "Gold Product Certification" for Cycle S of the MAC™ Batch program by the USPS®. AutoMail® Pro met all the requirements for Batch Manifest presort and manifest regulations set forth in issue 300 of the DMM and Publication 401.

The new certification includes MAC™ Batch Automation Letters and MAC™ Batch Automation Flats, Tray Based Option. AutoMail® PRO is America’s leading mixed-weight manifest solution for banks where it has saved its users more than $1 Billion in total mailroom costs over the past nineteen years. The Smithsonian added

AutoMail®PRO to its collection of modern business solutions in 2016 due to its profound impact on banks. AutoMail®PRO is the flagship product for AutoMail®, LLC, the nation’s premier provider of in-house mail automation and workflow solutions. When paired with its VDP component, AutoDocs™, it becomes MailStream Manager®, the most powerful and affordable document composition and delivery tool available to transaction based businesses. Digital and physical documents are designed, processed and delivered in the most effective, cost-efficient means possible.

AutoMail®, LLC, leverages its complete suite of solutions to validate its trademarked theme to its users everywhere, "Take the Work Out of Workflow."

About AutoMail®, LLC

AutoMail®, LLC was founded in 1999 and is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas’s Fiber Park at 3401 One Place. It is the developer of AutoMail®, the pioneering software solution that changed forever the way community banks process their mailand which earned it a place in the Smithsonian’s permanent display of modern business solutions. Today AutoMail®, LLC’s solutions are used in every type of transaction business in every state across the country. The AutoMail® family of propriety solutions are expertly engineered to help transaction businesses simplify their workflows and save money. For more information reference their websites or follow them on Twitter @goautomail and Facebook.
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