National Highway Authority of India has taken one more initiative for the development of Indian roads.

[ClickPress, Wed Apr 11 2018] Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the longest elevated road in the country in Ghaziabad, on 30th March 2018, and this six-lane elevated road is the latest tour de force for National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

The construction of this road began in November 2014, and the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) managed to complete this 10.3 kilometres-long six-lane elevated road in just three years and four months. This road is built on 227 single pillars and connects UP Gate to Rajnagar Extension. As of now, only two and four-wheeled vehicles will be allowed on this road.

The total cost of building this massive structure was around Rs 11,000 crores. The road will provide a great deal of relief to the Delhi-Ghaziabad commuters. Not only this, the elevated road will also help commuters to reach National Highway NH-58 from NH-24 in no time and with total ease. According to the NHAI’s estimation, around 4,000 vehicles will be plying on this elevated road every hour.

Important facts about the Delhi-Ghaziabad Elevated Road
• The elevated road is connecting the commuters directly from the NH-24 to Raj Nagar Extension, which is providing a great deal of relief to the commuters, who travel to Meerut.
• The NHAI’s has estimated that around 4,000 vehicles will be plying via this elevated road, every hour.
• The idea behind the design of this elevated road’s is to enable fast traffic, where the average speed of the vehicle will be around 80 km per hour; this will lead to direct and non-stop vehicular movement.
• The overall cost of building for the elevated road project was around Rs 1,147 crores.
• The NHAI has claimed that the Hindon elevated road project is India's longest elevated road, which is built on the stretch of around 10.3 kilometres.
• The elevated road will shorten the journey between Ghaziabad and Delhi from an hour to barely 18-20 minutes.
• The construction of this elevated road began in November 2014, and it took three years and four months to complete the six-lane road.
• The elevated road is built on total 227 single pillars.
• Initially, only two and four-wheeled vehicles will be allowed on the elevated road.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is working hard to revamp the inter-state border at UP Gate, along with Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). It has rolled out a comprehensive decongestion plan to widen the NH-24 to 14 lanes.

This elevated six-lane road is also part of the same makeover programme, it is built perpendicular to NH-24 as a single corridor with a median verge, along with the Hindon canal in Indirapuram. The road, before merging to the highway, bifurcates into two ramps; one ramp passes under the NH-24 Bridge on the Hindon canal and merges with the Ghaziabad-Delhi carriageway of the highway. The other ramp terminates on the opposite side of the NH-24 on the Delhi-Ghaziabad carriageway and supports the traffic headed towards the Raj Nagar Extension and Kanawani.

The NHAI, in integration with GDA, is working on few more projects to enhance the road infrastructure of Ghaziabad inter-state border.

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