ICO Funding Is The Big Draw In Martech Funding This Quarter | Makes a dramatic entry as the highest

Published: Wed Apr 11 2018

MarTech Advisor, the world’s leading resource for marketing technology related news, research, resources, expert views and perspectives; released their exclusive Q1 2018 Investscape today. Amongst the many highlights, two that stand out include: the emergence of a brand new investment type and the growing number of countries that received funding, outside of the US.

Initial Coin Offering [ICO] has made a dramatic entry as a new funding type this quarter - Telegram Messenger got the highest overall amount of $1.7Bn in ICO funding. ICO is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture.

Martech companies which received ICO funding include Mobius (USA), Telegram Messenger (UK), Endor (Israel), AdHive (Estonia) and Patron (Japan), with a total VC funding in ICO of $1.8Bn for the JFM 2018 quarter.

Last quarter, martech funding had started picking up pace outside of US. Interestingly, this quarter ROW-based companies have edged out US based companies in terms of value of funding received - $2364.1Mn [ROW] compared to $1272.9Mn [US]. Top funded countries include United Kingdom [$1715.40Mn], Canada [$204.07Mn] and South Korea [$130mn]. Countries which got more than $50mn funding are India [$73.75Mn] and France [$55.78Mn].

Amit Varshneya, CEO of MarTech Advisor, commented "Funding in the martech space is currently going through a remarkable phase. With new funding types and new emerging countries re-defining some of the rules, we are proud to be the one unbiased resource that continues to track and compile all the action. Our Annual Investscape for 2017 was well-received by both - the VC fraternity and the martech ecosystem – and we will continue to serve their need for such a resource, with the quarterly Investscapes in 2018."

Q1 2018 saw an elevation of 128% in overall funding of martech companies at $3.6Bn, compared to Q1 2017 which was at $1.6Bn. Major investors included Sequoia Capital, Insight Venture Partners and Lighter Capital.

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