Innovative Client Server Application to Increase Website Traffic developed by Qwentic

Published: Wed Apr 11 2018

Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd has come up with its latest customizable industry-oriented business solution. This particular solution was in response to a challenge faced by a business trying to break into website traffic industry. The website traffic industry is a booming industry where bot solutions are used to organically drive traffic towards web content.

The Client-Server Application developed by Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd comes across as a pioneer solution in this industry. It makes use of complex algorithms to execute customized activities which increase web traffic for the subscriber of the companies website. The Client-Server application generates traffic that looks seemingly organic to search engines but is actually automated. This helps all traffic to the desired website appear genuine and thus contributes to scaling SEO rankings of search engines. It is especially helpful as most search engines while ranking web content consider the number of authentic visitors visiting the website.This client server application further allows the client's subscribers to set customized goals for their web traffic.

Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd. CTO, Pankaj Khairnar has hailed this solution as a unique approach to increase traffic for website content as it overcomes a major challenge of getting flagged by search engines. Web pages using this service do not get noticed by search engines for drawing automated traffic as this CSA mimics genuine user behavior such as scrolling activity, reading time and more.

Several businesses have shown interest in a similar enterprise solution to solve specific business challenges. With this solution, Qwentic has once again developed a unique software solution for a strategic business challenge. Their client website has reported a rise in lead conversion by 50% and website traffic increase by 80%. This is a staggering rise in KPI for the relevant industry. Thus, it is safe to say that Qwentic is slowly but surely taking lead in developing strategic industry oriented business solutions.

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