Vlogger & Motivational Speaker Shalakemia Moffitt, Presents Broken Queen: IamShalakemia Documentary

Published: Mon Apr 16 2018

There's no doubt at all that life can be very, very hard. The emotions these types of situations can bring on can become very debilitating or even self-destructive. The good news is what has been broken, can almost certainly be fixed, and living proof of this vitally important point is Well-Known Motivational Speaker and Vlogger Shalakemia Moffitt. Shalakemia since a very young child to adulthood has had many experiences of the worst kind. Through a combination of faith, willpower, courage, and the willingness to make changes in her life, drastically, when necessary have seen her create the kind of life many people only dream of. In exciting news, Shalakemia recently announced the release of a new documentary & Press Tour, that tells her exciting story and rebirth, titled. "Broken Queen: IamShalakemia". The excitement surrounding the release of the new documentary is skyrocketing.

"I’m ready to tell my full story to help set millions free from the prison of pain and hurt," commented Shalakemia, who has been a guest on a high-profile news program like CBS 21 News. "If one life is changed for the better by telling my honest story it will all be worth it."

According to the inspiring speaker, "Broken Queen: IamShalakemia", discusses key points in her past and present life, including describing the trauma she experienced growing up feeling unloved, how she survived severe depression and even two attempts at taking her own life, how she overcame the domestic abuse she received at 15, and how she is now living her best life, even though her health is threatened by a brain tumor.

In the past Shalakemia has shared parts of her life in her public talks and when interviewed in the media, but "Broken Queen: IamShalakemia" will be the first time she tells her whole story.

For more information be sure to visit www.Iamshalakemia.net.

About Shalakemia
A native of Pennsylvania, Shalakemia is an empowerment coach, a motivational speaker, and vlogger. She has multiple vlogs that have gone viral on social media reaching 7 million viewers. She has been booked around the world speaking at different empowerment events. Her mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage the world through her story.

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