Bundil Launches First Mobile App – Press Release

Published: Tue Apr 17 2018

Bundil (www.enjoybundil.com), the mobile application that enables users to easily invest spare change into cryptocurrency, launches this week.

Bundil is changing the way cryptocurrency investing works by automatically investing user’s spare change from purchases.

The mobile application will link to a bank account and round up user’s spare change after making a purchase. The rounded up amount will be automatically invested into cryptocurrency in the application. Users have three options for an amount to be invested from each purchase-$.50, $1, or the rounded up amount from the purchase.

Users can choose different cryptocurrencies to invest in-including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The micro-investments will be made through the user’s Coinbase account. Users are also able to snooze their roundups and have the option to buy additional cryptocurrency at any time.

"The cryptocurrency market is a very advanced and evolving space. A lot of every day investors may feel intimidated at the barriers to enter. With Bundil, we wanted to make investing in cryptocurrency easier than recording a show on DVR. You can set up the app and forget about it. That’s a powerful way to make money." said Dmitri Love, CEO and Co-Founder of Bundil.

Bundil will be launched on Product Hunt on Thursday, April 19th 2018.

About Bundil: Bundil is the easier way to invest in cryptocurrency. Bundil is an automated micro-investing platform where users can invest in a cryptocurrency of their choice using their spare change from purchases by rounding off their transactions to the nearest dollar.
Contact Name: Noah Brinker
Contact Email: noah@bundil.io

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