T&VS Receives Industry’s First Certification for Cadence Perspec System Verifier

Published: Tue Apr 17 2018

Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS), a leading hardware verification and software testing solutions provider, today announced its successful completion of the Cadence® Connections Verification Alliance certification program for Cadence Perspec™ System Verifier and is offering the industry’s first adoption services. The offering includes expert advice to reduce the time for users to adopt and proliferate the Cadence Perspec System Verifier and improve their overall SoC test generation productivity. T&VS has a long history of working on complex test and stimulus projects and combines their deep understanding of abstraction and reuse with the skills that their engineers have acquired in the Cadence certification program.

As system-on-chip (SoC) products become more complex and market windows continue to shrink, any increase in verification efficiency translates directly into a competitive advantage. By adopting the new generation of tools such as Persec System Verifier and the right level of abstraction, SoC developers can meet the challenges of validating performance, function and power while avoiding the manual effort and time spent developing complex system-level coverage driven SoC tests.

"Portable stimulus enables an important step to achieving improved verification efficiency through improved abstraction and reuse, both project to project and across platforms," said Mike Bartley, T&VS CEO and Founder. "Through our collaboration with Cadence, our fully trained teams are equipped to provide expert, independent advice that helps customers quickly get up and running with the Cadence Perspec System Verifier tool to realize the benefits that it and portable stimulus have to offer."

As a leader in test and verification, T&VS has been working closely with Cadence and others in the Accellera Portable Stimulus Working Group, closely tracking its development and standardization.

"The verification complexity of modern SoCs is creating a lot of customer demand for the Perspec System Verifier within the Cadence Verification Suite," said Michal Siwinski, vice president of product engineering and management, System and Verification Group at Cadence. "Test and Verification Solutions has played an important role in Cadence’s worldwide verification ecosystem, and their expertise in verification, abstraction and reuse is beneficial for our customers using Perspec for their design projects."

Portable Stimulus and the Reuse Revolution – Perspec System Verifier
T&VS and Cadence recently collaborated to publish a white paper that brings together the input of an expert user and a senior solutions architect to provide a complete picture of the challenges that PSS was designed to address. The paper is based on a cache verification example and details the solution paradigm delivered, and the benefits users can expect when applying PSS-based tools such as Cadence Perspec System Verifier.

The paper is available from the Portable Stimulus section of the T&VS website.
Delivering on the Promises of Portable Stimulus
Mike Bartley, T&VS founder and CEO will be presenting the paper "Delivering on the promises of Portable Stimulus" at forthcoming Cadence CDNLive EMEA user conferences. In the paper, Mike will focus on the reuse of SV UVM and how to achieve real shift left through reuse – from SoC to IP level.

CDN Live EMEA – May 7-9, 2018 (Munich, Germany)
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T&VS (Test and Verification Solutions Ltd) was formed in 2008 and marked its 10-year anniversary on February 28, 2018.

T&VS provides services and products to organisations developing complex products in the microelectronics and embedded systems industries. Such organisations use T&VS to verify their hardware and software products, employ industry best practice and manage peaks in development and testing programmes. T&VS’ embedded software testing services includes onsite/offshore testing support including assistance with safety certification and security testing. T&VS hardware verification services include onsite/offshore verification support and training in advanced verification methodologies. T&VS also offers Verification IPs and its own Verification (EDA) signoff tool.

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