Clickgamer Launches Free "High Noon Drifter – Dead Man's Gulch," Western-style "Shoot 'em up" Game f

From: Clickgamer
Published: Tue Apr 05 2005

Clickgamer Technologies Ltd. announces it is offering its newest game, "High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch," as a free download. This new game, a first-person "Old West Shoot 'em Up" adventure available for all devices based on the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform, is the highest quality PDA game ever offered for free. The free game offer is in celebration of the complete redesign and re-branding of the company's two Web sites, and

"High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch" puts the Windows Mobile gamer in the role of Jake "Six Gun" McCloud, a gunslinger seeking justice in the Wild West—a time when such justice was served from the barrel of a loaded gun. McCloud is a bounty hunter, a lonesome crusading drifter in search of his destiny. As McCloud, the player must scour the frontier in search of a gang of outlaws headed by the ruthless John "MadDog" McCade. McCade and his gang terrorize towns and kill innocent men, women and children. There is a price on their heads, "WANTED DEAD or ALIVE," and to succeed in his quest, McCloud must do more than survive—he must capture or kill the entire McCade gang.

"High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch" features:

* Cartoon-style Wild West graphics
* Scores of shootable objects
* Superb ambient sound effects
* Over 1000 frames of animation
* Hidden bonus levels
* Parallax scrolling and character artificial intelligence and have been re-designed to make it easier than ever to search for and download the best games and software for PDAs and smartphones based on all major platforms.

"Anytime you undertake a project such as overhauling and re-branding an enormously popular Web site, it is an adventure," said Kate Brough, Chief Marketing Officer of Clickgamer Technologies. "To celebrate the successful re-launch of our two Web sites, we couldn't think of a better offer than to provide our customers with a free adventure of their own…and 'High Noon Drifter' offers plenty of adventure to go around. Out of excitement over our new Web sites and in gratitude to our customers for their years of patronage, we hope everyone enjoys 'High Noon Drifter' with our compliments."

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