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Published: Wed Jul 04 2018

With robust professional experience, today GreyOrange stands unique within the frontiers of industrial warehouse automation service providers. With thorough online and offline sales channels, GreyOrange is setting a benchmark for the start-up firms in warehouse automation.

Looking at the swiftly rising industrial competition, introducing automation in warehouses becomes the need of the hour. Here, the traditionally rigid and manually operated warehouses fall short of efficiency. Hence, the need for the flexible automation became a necessity.

Warehouse autonomous robots and sorting systems are the tools of modern automated warehouses. A flexible warehouse is the only surviving alternative to the traditional counterpart. The flexible warehouses impart a competitive lead to the industries in the supply market. It bridges the rising gap between the industrial product supply and market demand.

The warehouse Autonomous Mobile Robots manufactured at GreyOrange are based on decision science technology. The decision science technology is the modern representative of the robotic goods-to-person system. Getting their warehouses automated from Grey Orange, industries are now in a position where they can effectuate on-time delivery.

GreyOrange’s Autonomous Mobile Robots are excellent representatives of goods-to-man automation. Enrichment with goods-to-person technology effectuates the warehouse robots to accomplish the warehouse tasks of automated put-away, storage of inventories, order replenishment and picking. These tasks are majorly observed in the order fulfilment and distribution centres. They are programmed to adapt their functionality from changing inventory profiles quickly. Also, when the market demand patterns and peaks change, the flexible nature of these robots adjust accordingly.

GreyOrange incorporates the modular system architecture within their Autonomous Mobile Robots. The modular system architecture facilitates the robots with scalability in both directions. The bi-directional scalability facilitates the increase in order storage volume or throughput fulfilment. Both the storage volume and fulfilment throughput operate independently.

Currently, GreyOrange robots are available in two categories. The first one is the Butler Robot M with a payload of about five hundred kilograms. The second robot manufactured at GreyOrange is the Butler Robot XL with a payload capacity of about one thousand and six hundred kilograms. The Butler Robot XL are available for the payload types of pallets, sacks, drums, cartons and other related categories. Both are programmed to move in synchronization. In case of warehouse robots, synchronization plays a primary role to avoid stumbling between the two or more robots. Also, they bear a rotatable lift. The rotatable lift facilitates lifting the parcels in all directions.

Lastly, the GreyOrange’s Autonomous Mobile Robots are functioned with multi-deep storage technology. The multi-deep storage technology smartly facilitates the space allocation to accomplish greater order fulfilment. As a result of the smart space allocation, the product storage density increases efficiently.

The significant advantage of automating warehouses from GreyOrange is that it helps their client industries to reduce the time on order fulfilment process. Also, it keeps helps the warehouse personnel to keep an eye on the time spent for inventory replenishment. The highlighting feature of warehouse automation from GreyOrange is that it seamlessly adapts to changing industrial warehouse environments. To be up-to-date with the inventory change is the prime requisite of the businesses to gain market supremacy.

GreyOrange’s Robots in warehouses serve to raise the operator’s comfort and in turn his productivity. Today, GreyOrange is reckoned for their workforce savings and space optimization strategies incorporated within their automated warehouse services.

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