Mineral Valuation Specialists Offers a Myriad of Premium Mineral Appraisal and Mining Valuation and

Published: Fri Jul 06 2018

Mineral Valuation Specialists, devotedto meeting standards as set forth by USPAP and the mineral appraisal industry, provides highly-qualified consulting, valuation and expert services related to mining and mineral properties and businesses that can be individualized to meet the needs of their clients. Mineral Valuation Specialists also offers expert witness services and provides depositions and trial testimony, lending its expertise in this area when appropriate.

"Mineral Valuation Specialists is a full-service mineral, mining and business valuation and consulting firm with deep-seated roots in mining and mineral appraisal and consulting that goes back 50 years," explains John J. Manes, President of Mineral Valuation Specialists. "Indeed, to say we’re ‘diversified’ when it comes to the needs of our clients is something of a giant understatement.Our varied client roster includes over 1,600 different financial institutions, mining companies, law firms, construction firms, governments, brokers, appraisers, consultants, investors, property owners and individuals."

Mineral Valuation Specialists performs a variety of mineral and mineral business valuation services including mineral interest valuations for undeveloped mineral sites, leases, landowners and owner-operators; mineral business valuations to determine the value of a mining business/operation; appraisal review to review/critique mineral and business valuation reports; stock valuations for majority/minority/standard applications; plant and equipment valuations via affiliates and real estate valuations via affiliates.

In the area of consulting services, Mineral Valuation Specialists offers a diverse range encompassing everything from performing basic geological research to comprehensive regional mineral market surveys. Included in this roster are acquisition/sales consulting, expert opinions, exploration/drilling/sampling/testing, feasibility/due diligence, financial data review/financial feasibility/review ops/business plans, geological research and surveys, geospatial/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital mapping, lease management/lease due diligence/lease consulting, market research/market surveys, mineral reserve/resource estimates, royalty surveys/royalty research and tax-related consulting.

When a client requires expert testimony for mineral and mining litigation cases, Mineral Valuation Specialists responds with experience in all levels of mineral matters – and has testified in all levels of court, up to and including the United States Court of Federal Claims.
The company also provides case file reviews and expert opinions on various matters as they relate to the mineral industry.

"Mineral Valuation Specialists is proud to devote 100-percent of our time to the natural resources sector and will continue to enrich these services across the UnitedStates, seven provinces/territories in Canada – and beyond,"concludes Manes.

Mineral Valuation Specialists can be reached by calling (480) 443-3978 or by email at info@minvalspec.com. For more information visit their website, www.MinValSpec.com.
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