B4U Plus moves up the entertainment viewership charts reports IPSOS

Published: Sun Jul 08 2018

Entertainment world has its own intricacies but understanding viewers likes and dislikes is a great journey. As per IPSOS report B4UPlus is ranked second with 185.6 TRPs as per latest survey (April 2018) and the demanding age group which has resulted in these numbers is 24 to 44 and feminine gender.

Reports show B4U Plus has won viewers curiosity and viewership edge on box office shows such as Star Stop and City Beats.

City Beats is an upbeat entertaining program full of masala – just as the audience love it – trending stories from UAE and Bollywood, music tunes and much more. While Star Stop has the great line up of the most loved stars seen at prime time with juicy news, City Beat tells the most entertaining stories in UAE – and no entertainment is missed!

Star Stop is where all the stars stop!

Achievers Kitchen took the audience through a home-bound storyboard of working mothers creating great bonding at home with their children thus bonding homes while they make their careers. Achievers Kitchen Season 2 now continuing air is a great take for audience across the globe.

Being star-struck is in fashion today and the popular series which B4U Plus viewers get glued to are Main Kamli Nayab, Akeli Reh Gain Main and Weham – each has its own audience – Main Kamli Nayab is a romantic drama television series while Weham is a horror/thriller related television show. Akeli Reh Gai Mein is the story about a young positive girl by the name of Taimina. Her character is depicted as a girl who stands against violence to help others.

B4U Plus entertainment time is the emotional high for all age groups.

Star Stop – Number 1 in Top Asian Program Chart

It is interesting to note that in the last one year in the top Asian Program Chart, Star Stop stands at number 1 position in the sector/category South Asian Female (25 to 44 years). Latest IPSOS (April 2018) also showcases that Star Stop has moved up to 22.5 on an average – steeply above competitor’s viewership reach.

B4U Plus commonly known for its entertainment programs is gaining momentum as a popular entertainment channel with movies, gossip,
and much more

B4U Plus is dedicated to providing its viewers with a variety of content to keep them entertainment – Romantic drama, horror/thriller, music – engaging all age groups through home entertainment.

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