Rhode Island Psychotherapist Larry Shushansky Delivers Presentation at NAMI Convention Titled “How t

Published: Mon Jul 09 2018

Rhode Island psychotherapist and author Larry Shushansky delivered a presentation at the 2018 NAMI National Convention on how improving one’s relationships can enhance healing and recovery. The presentation took place on Friday June 27th, in New Orleans, LA, to an audience consisting of some of the country’s most renowned mental health experts.

The 2018 NAMI National Convention took place in New Orleans, LA, from June 27-30. The Convention consisted of hundreds of educational sessions on mental health, recovery, policy, research and leadership. Sessions also discussed more specific topics like schizophrenia, genetics and mental illness, and the role of technology in mental illness. A variety of individuals spoke at the Convention, including: actor and NAMI ambassador Clark Gregg, comedian Adam Grabowski, NAMI Talks speaker Brooke Johnson, and more.

Shushansky’s presentation, "How to Improve Your Relationships To Improve Your Mental Health," was about how improving one’s relationships can enhance healing and recovery. There has been a variety of research done that shows the value of quality relationships, both psychologically and medically. But what makes for a "healthy" relationship? In his presentation, Shushansky focused on the "how to’s" for creating the kinds of relationships that foster health and well-being, regardless of what others might be doing. He concentrated on showing that personal growth and development to meet the needs and challenges of our relationships is what creating good, solid interactions with others is all about. He ended his presentation by answering questions and clarifying specific situations that participants brought up where they could utilize his idea.

"I always knew NAMI was a great organization, but having gone to their annual conference, I found out how much they do practically and politically for those experiencing mental health difficulties. I was particularly impressed with their "Peer" programs and encourage anyone who is a treating professional or anyone living with mental health challenges to contact their local chapter for help."

Shushansky has over 40 years of experience, starting as a volunteer at a Rape Crisis Center in undergraduate school, before finishing his graduate studies in 1980. His career has involved directing a residential facility for adolescents, as well as working in non-profit and private hospital settings and agencies before opening his own private practice. He has devoted his life to helping individuals and couples in relationships.

Shushansky has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, and more. He has led presentations for audiences in private corporations, at high schools and universities, with community groups and nonprofit organizations, on topics such as: how to create the kinds of relationships you want, managing conflict, controlling anger, and developing independence.

About NAMI: The nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides support and raises awareness for those struggling with mental health issues. NAMI is made up of volunteers, local affiliates, and state organizations that come together to hosts events and activities in order to bring communities together and fight mental health stigmas.

About Larry Shushansky: Larry Shushansky is a Rhode Islander who has spent over 35 years as a therapist and has given talks in front of a wide range of audiences, including: mental health patients and administrators, rehabilitation clinics, domestic violence centers, married couples, educators, businesses and more. Recently, Shushansky has written a book titled, Independent Enough, in order to help people better understand the basic fundamental truth about all relationships. To learn more visit www.independentenough.com.
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