H.I.S. Enterprise: The Leading Magnet Manufacturer

Published: Wed Jul 11 2018

With over two decades of experience in the designing and magnet manufacturing industry, H.I.S. Enterprise has become one of the leading manufacturers in Cape Town. The company is also renowned as a distributor of EZ-film materials for the signage industry. Designing and producing fridge magnets, button badges and mouse pads are the company’s forte.

Fridge magnets: Among all the core products of H.I.S. Enterprise, fridge magnets are extremely popular due to their vast range of designs. Many people like to collect fridge magnets with the image of a historical architecture or the hallmark of a place when they are on a tour. Cheerful fridge magnets from H.I.S. Enterprise can be customised for celebrating the tourism industry, any company project or brand. Different awareness campaigns can also be promoted through the fridge magnets.

Button badges: Small button badges are a great way of promoting a brand. The apparel designing companies can order button badges in a large scale at H.I.S. Enterprise as the company manufactures this variety in wholesale.

Mouse pads: Personalised mouse pads can be given as gifts to family members, employees and can also be distributed as promotional items at business trade fairs. Colourful mouse pads with graphics, cartoon characters are also of great appeal to young ones. Mouse pads are used regularly in this technology dependent world and if a brand logo is imprinted on it then, the promotion withstands the test of time. H.I.S. Enterprise specialises in all these products and has an expert designing team.

Magnetic car signs: Magnetic car signs are often used by different companies as a marketing strategy. The company cars with the logo on it or any recent campaign are a great way of advertising as it catches the eye of the passer by. For instance, a burger selling food truck can design the vehicle in such a way that it receives maximum customers and H.I.S. Enterprise is the perfect go-to company for such designs and artwork.

Other than these products, you will also find a large variety of desk and counter mats, magnetic license disk holders, acrylic keyrings and ABS rulers at H.I.S. Enterprise.

For more information about the magnetic products manufactured and supplied by H.I.S. Enterprise, visit the website https://his-enterprise.co.za/.

About the Company
Established in 1989, H.I.S. Enterprise has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying various magnetic products like mouse pads, fridge magnets and car signs. The company also manufactures wholesale customised products.

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