Cooper Fitch Recognised for Its Outstanding Employee Retention Rate

Published: Sun Jul 22 2018

LinkedIn recently recognised Cooper Fitch for having a staggering retention rate of 92 percent. The success of the recruitment agency lies within a number of factors that allows them to retain most of their staff and their clients simultaneously. In the past two years, Cooper Fitch has doubled in revenue, headcount and became amongst the top two most socially engaged specialist boutiques in EMEA.

Cooper Fitch leveraged a brand presence of 18 years in the region and contracts with over 50,000 local and international entities. The hands-on approach that Cooper Fitch adopts allows them to adapt to the changing market needs in the GCC region. Trefor Murphy, the CEO of Cooper Fitch stated, "In the GCC, its standard for a client to move with a consultant to another business. We invest a lot of time understanding our clients’ exact needs to tailor our solutions and build consistency in our relationships."

Cooper Fitch’s success does not solely rely on a single factor as it was able to build a dedicated content management strategy which allowed them to gain more than 75,000 followers in under two years. The exposure that the agency gets via strategised content is partnered with their market intelligence reports, salary surveys and media appearances.

Janie Lee-Brown, the Operations Director at Cooper Fitch said, "Our people are our unique strength in our approach to client retention and management. Success cannot be accomplished without the strenuous efforts of every member on our team and I feel incredibly proud to call each and every employee and asset who greatly contributed to who we are today".

Cooper Fitch aims to provide personnel for their clients that greatly impact their clients’ performance and several entities have successfully doubled their growth and improved their profits due to the people that Cooper Fitch provided.

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