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Published: Mon Jul 23 2018

In an age when fashion and aesthetics are way more important than life itself, it's exciting to wonder how we might survive. We’re transported into the future with stories of love, loss and the last vestiges of human life as we know it. This female-fronted collection of short stories is a thought-provoking and a spine-tingling vision of tomorrow… if it ever comes. From finding the perfect man to finding the perfect outfit for the ultimate red carpet, this book is packed full of ass-kicking action, tall tales from skyscrapers and love songs for the dead. Dive in, but don’t have nightmares.

Kelly Vero, author of Knowing Home and the Malta-based Blood for Blood series presents a selection of darkly humorous tales crafted from some truly ridiculous dreams. "I wanted to place a focus on the role of women in the future. As the rise of the automaton is present in care, sex and industry now, I started to wonder, what will we become?"

In what feels like something of a first, you can also download or stream Kelly’s Prince of Tokyo playlist on Spotify. "I was listening to these tunes and they really influenced my characters and locations as well as the diverse plotlines in the stories," she says. Listen to the unique playlist here:

Praise for Kelly’s books:

"Loved the characterisation, and the evocative descriptions of past and present." – Net Galley
"Bloody wonderful!" – Amazon Reader
"Perhaps the most you can ask of a story is that it stays with you." – Left Lion
RRP: £7.99 (online charges may differ.) 235 pages.

About the Author
Kelly Vero is a video game designer and writer who was born in Nottingham, UK and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She has worked in the music and television industries more recently writing storylines for Hasbro’s Transformers series of games for young people ages 13+. Winning the Lord Mayor's award for a poem about ghosts at the tender age of 10, she edged into the world of writing decades later after completing a short story collection about her beloved home city. Kelly loves travelling, adores her pets Siouxsie and Lucifer, and is addicted to Pilates. Her best-selling book series set in Malta, starting with Summer Girl is still available. More recently Kelly has written Herman’s Halloween, an inimitable colouring/story book for children about an overweight cat. Prince of Tokyo is her fifth novel.

About the Book
ISBN: 9781786100627
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