Published: Tue Jul 24 2018

The Bell Team takes your questions in their latest "Ask the Expert" session. The home buying or selling process can become quite complicated, but with the right real estate partner by your side it doesn’t have to be. Real estate advice is only as good as the knowledge behind it, and with guidance from The Bell Team purchasing or selling a home affords you trusted service and proven results.

One of the questions we tend to get asked a lot is, "How familiar are you with the area?" Our team is home to a number of agents who have lived, worked, and played in North Georgia for generations. We’re committed to continue serving the communities throughout Hall, Forsyth, Gwinnett, Jackson, and Barrow counties. And, we’ve recently expanded to the Boston, MA area too. Keep an eye out for The Bell Team Boston in Needham, Dedham, etc. officially launching in August.

Now, according to Co-Owner and Listing Specialist, Trey Bell, one of the questions he’s often asked is, "How many houses have you sold in our area?" Trey answers, "Last year we sold 140 residences, and another 138 so far this year. We’re on target to sell our goal of 225 homes in North Georgia, so let’s talk about how we can help you sell yours quickly and profitably, as we do for our other clients. We average less than 30 days to sell and at 98% or more of list price."

Another frequently asked question Buyer Specialist, Korey Anderson, hears is, "Does it matter which lender I use?" He says, "Absolutely! But, it depends on the property you’re looking at. For example, if you’re looking at a traditional single family home you can choose from the plethora of banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers around or one of our preferred lenders. But, if what you want is a specialty property, go with a specialty lender." Korey goes on to provide examples, "Whether it’s an active horse farm, leisure horse ranch, land only, modular home, or whatnot, there’s going to be a specialty lender to help you buy what you want. And, we can help connect you to the right people."

"I’m under contract, now what?" Yet, another question Buyer Specialist, Lauren Frullaney gets all too often and so does the rest of the team. She tells her clients, "Remember, we’re a full service real estate team, so we guide you through the complete process from inspection repairs through the appraisal. We’ll be in constant communication to lead you through the whole home buying experience."

Buyer Specialist, Sam Gustafson says his most frequently asked question is about the beginning of negotiating: "Do you think they’ll take a pretty reduced offer?" Sam explains, "Educating our clients is essential to The Bell Team, and it’s our priority to help them get the best deal on their new home." He goes on to explain, "Depending on the price point, days on the market, condition of the home, etc. we advise our clients on where to start negotiating."

Speaking of negotiations, Becky Smith, another Buyer Specialist with The Bell Team shares one of her commonly received questions, "How firm do you think the seller is on sticking to the list price?" While it’s a great question, the answer isn’t a catchall. Here’s Becky’s response educating clients through home purchase negotiation, "Our answer can be different depending on what’s going on in the market, which is our job… to know exactly what’s going on in the real estate market." "Right now," she continues, "homes are selling in our area for 96.6% of list price. That may not be the case 3 or 6 months from now though, which is why it’s always best to work with a knowledgeable agent to get the best deal."

Relocation is a huge topic of discussion in the real estate industry and Rhonda Bell, Co-owner and Director of Business Development, doles another FAQ beauty: "Where should I buy a house since I’m relocating because of a job transfer?" To which, Rhonda replies, "We understand your concern and not only do we help you buy a house, but we connect you to the community." She goes on to explain, "We suggest working with a reputable realty team who can understand your situation and exactly what you’re looking for, especially in terms of schools, commute, neighborhood atmosphere, and more. Here at The Bell Team we make this transition as seamless as possible and consider all of these factors to help you get the right home for you and your loved ones."

And last but certainly not least, this Q&A session brought forth the big one... "What differentiates The Bell Team from other real estate agencies?" According to Listing Specialist, Jake Moran, "We cover these details in our complimentary Listing Presentation. In fact, about a third of the information in the presentation goes over our marketing strategy." Yes, there is a marketing strategy behind the sale of properties when they’re listed with The Bell Team. "The consultation will answer all of your big questions including how we get your house sold for top dollar quickly." You can schedule your Listing Presentation today—just ring The Bell Team at (678) 207-1542.
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