Ravenox Meets American Cordage Institute’s Rigorous Standards

Published: Mon Jul 30 2018

Ravenox is an all-American rope manufacturing company based in Burlington, North Carolina. The company is one of the very few manufacturers worldwide to be a member of the American Cordage Institute – an international trade association that sets standards for rope manufacturers.

"There are only 29 rope manufacturers across the world that meets the tough regulations set by this institute. The American Cordage Institute has an active technical committee that sets guidelines and test methods to ensure safe usage and better quality of ropes. Ravenox meets all their standards and has been a proud member of the trade body for several years now," adds a spokesperson.

Their product offerings include: cotton ropes, twisted ropes, braided ropes, and other related accessories like buckles, cord locks, shock cords, and bungee cords. These products are made in the USA, although the cotton to make these ropes are sourced from the best cotton and are chosen for their quality, strength, and softness. Even the yarns are made from up-cycled materials to keep wastage to a minimum.

Ravenox products are widely used across industries, including the interior design industry to create unique window displays and wall partitions and other interesting decorating ideas. Some of their ropes have been used to develop unique displays at department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Anthropologie, and even boutique stores. "Our products have also been used for creative reception decoration ideas. Besides everyday customers, we also serve the US government," he adds. The company offers a one-year warranty on all its products and even promises to customize the ropes as per the customer’s requests.

About Ravenox:

Ravenox is a veteran-owned rope manufacturing company offering a wide range of ropes and allied products like cords, buckles, and other metal hardware.

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