Conference and Event Organizers Inc. announces the upcoming Managing Elderly Care

Published: Tue Jul 31 2018

Conference and Event Organizers Inc. announced a major upcoming conference, Managing Elderly Care (MEC). The inaugural event is set for March 2019 in Manila and will attract over 800 delegates from 25 countries.

The conference also is putting together 60 to 70 speakers from 15 countries, 40 to 50 exhibit booths and 20 to 30 sponsors and partners. Managing Elderly Care (MEC) will probably have the best line up of ever of international speakers at an elderly care event in Asia.

MEC is chaired by Mr. Ashok Nath and organized by core members who founded, developed and managed the multiple award-winning Hospital Management Asia conference, from 2002 through 2015. The Asian Publishing Convention (APC) and the Asian Publishing Awards from 2008-2015, The Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Asian CSR Awards from 2002-2010, and The Asia Pacific Banking Congress and the Asian Banking Awards from 1998 -2005.

Organized together with Managing Elderly Care 2019 is the Asian Elderly Care Awards (AECA), which are for best practices and excellence in contributing to the physical, emotional, economic, social and spiritual well-being of the elderly by any self-employed individual, physician, institution, retirement home or clinic. Small or big institutions, clinics or individuals have an equal chance of winning.

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