Citizens and Members Question Their Voting Systems’ Integrity

Published: Tue Jul 31 2018

Amid news reports of irregularities in voting reports and a landslide victory from current the incumbent Secretary of State who controls the voting systems statewide, several citizens and members have stepped up to voice continued concerns that Federal and State officials are not doing enough to secure our elections this November.

Member and Georgia State Senate district 21 candidate Nicole B. Nash said "Election integrity is central to a functional democracy. Access to the ballot box is precisely what makes our country a leader on the world stage, as it allows us to guide our nation. In order for this system to work, the people must have faith in its integrity and be empowered to cast their ballots as a way to participate in governance.

Georgia’s election system is not secure. The Secretary of State should be working to secure our election system from foreign entities and to ensure that everybody who is legally qualified to vote in Georgia has the opportunity to cast their ballots. Instead, voters are regularly purged from the rolls without warning and nothing is being done to instill voter faith in our election system. Georgia can’t wait for another election to pass before providing voters with an election system that safeguards election integrity and ensures equity and accessibility of the polls."

July 26, two days after the July 24th statewide runoff, we are approached by a citizen who was concerned amid all of the voting irregularities in the state with five Diebold voting devices abandoned in a Cobb school.
The machines appeared to be secured in their cases. We are not certain if they were leftovers, damaged, or had voter data still on them unencrypted and we are not certain of their current status. The machines were still present at the school as of 9:30 AM ET July 27, 2018

About Indivisible GA-11
Indivisible GA-11 is a political activist group in Georgia with roughly 800 members. Located in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District northwest of Atlanta, we’re patterned on the national Indivisible model for political change. The two basic tenets of the Indivisible philosophy involve a local activist/election strategy concentrating on individual Members of Congress and working to stop Donald Trump and like-minded politicians from spreading an agenda based on corruption, racism, and authoritarianism.

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