Book of Poems by Denver Author Tackles the Millennium, And Every Millennial In It

Published: Wed Aug 01 2018

Denver’s reputation with poetry is growing faster and faster. With the Denver slam teams winning national titles twice, and the recent hosting of the National Slam Competition, the foreword momentum of Denver poetry is picking up steam. No stranger to titans of the written word, Colorado has served as home and respite alike to writers from all over the world. During the beat era Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac collaborated to create the School for Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. From the ongoing Maelstrom of talent Joshua C. Robinson found a drive for poetry, and took that flame across country to Missouri, Chicago and back again.

"This Way to Exit" is a play in un-rhymed verse about the young Josiah Hesse's journey through life, death, reality, transcendence and the limits of the Universe. We should take heed, because Josiah Hesse has seen it all. In this New Collection of Poetry Joshua C. Robinson introduces us to verses both hilarious and heartbreaking. An ultimately hopeful view of the world, this collection revisits two of his most well received works, "This Way To Exit" And "Millennialism."

His recent book "This Way to Exit, Millennialism & New Poems" takes a lighter tone from his previous work, which dealt heavily with the frustration of the 2016 election, and turns toward a more hopeful view of the world. Ending on a Haiku, and introducing new poems full of levity and humor this work serves as an entry into some of his funnier work. Still somber and with powerfully risky work. "This Way to Exit" serves as an enduring proof millennials survived the recession and election intact, and are looking for a way to lead the future.

Joshua C. Robinson received degrees in Playwriting and Poetry from the University of Missouri; he also completed a Master’s of Arts Management at Columbia College Chicago. His work has been featured or is forthcoming in The Maneater, The Vail Mountaineer, Newcity, Life and Literature in Performance, Mizzou New Play Festival, The Edge Theatre, CommuterLit,, Hemingway’s Playpen, and more.

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