Eco-Friendly Food and Beverage Packaging Supplies from Packaging Environmental

Published: Tue Aug 07 2018

Indrajit Shah of Packaging Environmental has been featured in an exclusive interview with Green Courier, UK’s leading environment-friendly courier services provider.

Today’s businesses have taken essential steps towards sustainability and among the companies that have made the move are Green Courier and Packaging Environmental. Both businesses have found strategies to grow their businesses without harming the environment.

Green Courier has gained its reputation as the leading environment-friendly courier in the UK. In its desire to promote greater knowledge about sustainability, the company has featured Indrajit Shah, the owner of Packaging Environmental, in an exclusive interview that is now published in its blog.

Packaging Environmental Limited is a company in UK that provides eco-friendly food and beverage packaging supplies. Established in 2007, the company is now known as a leading provider of biodegradable, compostable and recycled packaging supplies that don’t compromise design, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

As with Green Courier, the company has managed to implement techniques that are not just intended to protect their investment but the environment as well.

Learn more about the exclusive interview with Packaging Environmental here:

The interview intends to foster awareness among consumers, as well as provide insights on the added efforts that environment-friendly companies exert in support of sustainability.
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