Official Music Video: Kalan.frfr - "Fine Ass"

Published: Tue Aug 07 2018

Kalan.frfr released his second album of the year, TwoFr, early July 2018. The rapper/singer/writer/engineer delivers a unique signature sound that should get him to the top in no time. If you have yet to listen, TwoFr offers 10 tracks to surely make you a fan of the up-and-coming artist.

The Los Angeles artist showcases his signature cadence throughout the album, especially in the hit song "Fine Ass". "From the label I’ve been posted in Atlanta/So when I’m home you know I gotta keep the hammer." Flowing through pitches, Kalan.frfr keeps it real and carefree with fans through catchy and playful lyrics.

Kalan.frfr partners with Ben Brady for the video direction of "Fine Ass". The music video presents a series of colorful shots that project the song's vibrant energy. Viewers are shown several clips of Kalan.frfr partying with friends, throwing cash, surrounded by attractive females, and simply swaying to the music by himself. The official music video for "Fine Ass" has reached over 120K views on YouTube.  

Kalan.frfr has been releasing dope music since 2016. Over the years, Kalan.frfr has put out several singles and EPs and collaborated with various artists through music, engineering, and writing. Since the beginning, Kalan.frfr has been on fire, dropping music that fits his image, personality, and voice perfectly. He knows exactly what to bring to the table for new and existing fans, which makes him one of the most promising artists to hit the music scene. With almost 10K listeners on Spotify, 1.3K subscribers on YouTube, and over 3K followers on SoundCloud, Kalan.frfr is slowing building a fanbase. He is here to stay and ready to make a breakthrough in 2018.

Be sure to check out the music video for "Fine Ass" on YouTube and stay tuned for future music to come. TwoFr is available for listening via Spotify and all other streaming platforms.
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