Chews A Puppy announces their top 10 breeds for the summer of 2018

Published: Fri Aug 10 2018

1. German Shepherd - The German Shepherd is versatile and adaptable, making him an excellent choice for a wide variety of households as well as work programs throughout the world, including the police, military, search and rescue, and service dogs.

2. Golden Retriever - The Golden Retriever is beloved for good reason. The breed is sweet, patient, affectionate, happy, and loyal. When properly raised and socialized, the Golden is a good breed choice for families as they tend to be tolerant with children and other pets and amiable to pretty much any lifestyle.

3. Shih Tzu - The Personality of the Shih Tzu is that of a bright little ray of sunshine. He never has a bad day and is ready for whatever life brings to him. Sweet and affectionate he makes the perfect lapdog, but also loves to play and is a sociable butterfly when out in public.

4. Maltese - The personality of the breed is that of a sweet, affectionate lap dog that loves people, and has a bit of showmanship about him that further endears him to his admirers. He is smart, outgoing, playful, and enjoys being with his family.

5. Chihuahua - Originally bred in Mexico and listed in the Toy group, the ChiChi as he is commonly referred, is a big dog in a tiny package. The Chi is the smallest breed in the world, ranging in weight between a scant 2 pounds to upwards of 12 pounds,

6. Boxer - Known to be a great family dog, the Boxer is intelligent, eager to please, and ready for fun. He excels at obedience and is a good watchdog, friendly to all in neutral surroundings but loyal to his home and family on his home turf.

7. French Bulldog - The French Bulldog is widely popular as is true with many of the bully breeds and has a loyal following of celebrities and regular folks alike. The French Bulldog is widely known and loved for his expressive, grumpy face, but he is also known to be a dog that snores loudly, and passes gas frequently, which for his human admirers only adds to his charm and unique personality.

8. Goldendoodle – The Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog, which is obtained by breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. This breed is intelligent, outgoing, playful and enjoys his or her family.

9. English Bulldog - One of the most beloved breeds in the world, the Bulldog was originally bred in England to bait the bulls and looked very different back then, compared to the dog we know and love today. Listed in the non-sporting category, the Bulldog is a short, stocky dog with a deep chest, short legs, big head and flat face.

10. Poodle (Toy & Mini) Conveniently sized to live in a small apartment but active enough to enjoy seasonal outdoor activities, the Poodle is adaptable to many lifestyles. The Poodle is chock full of potential and excels in dog sports due to his speed, stamina, and agility.
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