Dinesh Bafna Owner of Mont Surfacesís and Susie Frazier Announce a New Partnership

Published: Fri Aug 10 2018

Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. and Susie Frazier, Inc. recently announced a partnership that will combine Montís expertise in innovative trends and fine surface materials with Frazierís talent and design-centered connection to nature. Mont Surfaces and Frazier plan to empower consumers to awaken their individuality through their own interior enhancements. They will collaborate around lifestyle, art, nature, natural stone and creative surface materials in a way that aims to inspire consumers to initiate a degree of personal renewal through the pattern, color and design choices consumers make at home.

Frazier, a pioneering designer of Earth minded Styleģ, a way of life that connects people to nature, uses sustainable materials for personal empowerment. She blends organic sensibilities with natural and industrial discards to create biophilic design solutions that provide opportunities for people to heal the patterns of their lives. Her soulful products, textural fine art, original photographs and digitally illustrated patterns have influenced audiences across America as they pursue their own degree of personal reclamation.

As a compliment to Frazierís art, Mont Surfacesí natural stone collections contain some of the earthís most beautiful patterns and colors while their engineered quartz, porcelain, and precious stone lines replicate many of those elements using fragments of natureís materials with innovative technologies. By combining Montís natural and engineered products with Frazierís earthminded aesthetic, the vision is to raise awareness that our surroundings have a direct influence on our ability to foster tranquility and wellness.

Frazier, the founder of Susie Frazier Inc., says "I couldnít be more thrilled to be working with Mont Surfaces. As consumers look to create spaces that revitalize and nurture the spirit, we will be there with Mont to offer new design ideas that truly support that mission."

Dinesh Bafna, president of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. says "Mont is very pleased to form a partnership with Susie Frazier. By combining [her] passion for art, nature, and reclamation with Montís vision to blend beauty, nature, and innovation, we can spark exciting new concepts and theories for reflective, integrated design.

For more information on the partnership, please visit MontSurfaces.com and SusieFrazier.com.

Carol Payto is Director of Marketing for Mont Surfaces. For more information, visit www.montsurfaces.com.
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