A Touch Of Tenderness!

Published: Fri Aug 10 2018

Nothing feels better than being at home! But it feels even better when the home is peaceful, blissful and filled with happy memories. That's not all. It helps if the home had been built with care and meticulousness to reward the family with a lifetime of stress-free and no-worries living. Moving into a home can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. That is, provided it has been crafted just like the home you have dreamed about to host the sweetest moments of your life with your near and dear ones.

The latest ad from #NewryProperties has caught the eye of many in the advertising world and wowed home-buyers across Tamil Nadu. For one, it stands out from the barrage of loud real estate ads that brag about vitrified tiles, open spaces and large balconies. For Newry, even cutting edge amenities are hygiene elements and expected from a high-quality builder.

As such the ad subtly delineates the more important emotions that a well-built home should evoke and etches out in a measured tone the inner peace and harmony that radiates in a happy household.

The Newry ad has been held up as a classic and highly successful example of nostalgia marketing in India and it's perhaps for the first time that a builder has attempted this strategy to showcase its core values and differentiators. In short, a builder with a heart and fine tastes who looks beyond the sale.

The well-crafted film focuses on the unbridled joy and inner peace that an elderly parent feels in the quietude of his beautiful home. As he muses over the past and scans sepia-tinted photo after photo the narrative reminds us that a flood of happy memories is flashing by in his mind ---- building associations any parent would be proud of, apart from an elegant home.

For instance, children who have been brought up well in this beautiful home; kids and younger relatives he can count on, who are highly successful yet still devoted to him. Perhaps, there's a suggestion that the lovely home contributed to the success story and made a difference.

After all, values are not taught to children by talking about them. Research on development confirms the integration of values through relationships, observation, and demonstration. Children learn to be nice by having someone be nice to them. They learn to be peaceful and well-behaved by having other people demonstrate what it is to be peaceful. The home is the most important place for a child. It is within the home that the most important values are taught. That's exactly why you can't go wrong when choosing one. And a Newry home is built for happy families and will retain its trust-worthiness and charm even as your little ones learn to stand on their feet. And begin to spread their wings.

In the idiom of psychology, our nostalgic memories are usually positive ones, which explains why nostalgia often has a positive, soothing effect on us. An improved mood, a boost in self esteem, a decrease in stress and positive feelings about the future are only a few of the positive effects of nostalgia that the ad reflects on. Remembering positive things from the past can help us feel better in the present. It's this positive association that Newry has tapped into with an excellent outcome.

Using nostalgia can be tricky but can serve as an excellent marketing tool if used well. Newry has used nostalgia marketing of the highest standards and production values to bring up positive memories in the target audience, which can trigger feelings of warmth, security, comfort and fulfilling excitement. A Newry home is built on these values.

Newry for one sure seems to know the values that a family cherishes and help increase harmony and peace among all family members. An essential part of family life is to reflect on what is valued in the family. And that is brought out well in a series of micro-moments.

Of course, the key to any marketing campaign is understanding the needs and preferences of your audience. This is exactly where Newry scores! Before you can engage in a powerful nostalgia marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you’re drawing images and ideas from the right generation, to engage the right demographic.

Newry has done a great job of thinking through, getting under the skin of their target audience as it were, to get it right. At the same time, making sure that the tactics they have chosen blends perfectly with their personality and brand tone of voice. Adapting to retro marketing ideas doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on the character you’ve created for your company. The more consistent you are, the more successful you’ll be in convincing your customers to associate your brand with their favorite memories.

Happy memories, it seems, lead to happy endings. Watch this ad today and share your comments.
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